BackupPC Windows Client

This page is a client that works with BackupPC, a server-based backup solution.

It has the following features:

Detailed documentation and earlier versions available here.

The client requires two parts, a client part and a server part.

Client Installer

1.3.4 - a minor update that makes backing up multiple drives behave itself better.

1.3 - rsync updated to 3.1.1, the installer now uses the 32-bit or 64-bit version as appropriate for the platform. The installer is now a bit smarter about overwriting "part.cmd," "rsyncd.secrets" and "rsyncd.conf," so for updating, the installer can simply be run without having to uninstall. For integrity checking, the md5 hash of the file "backuppc-client.exe" is "14b7f589f3d751dcdb6ef39196391c57," and it identifies itself in the Windows registry as version 1.3.3 (visible under Control Panel->Programs->Uninstall a Program.)

1.2 - Updated to support Windows 8, 8.1, 2012, and others. Note that support for later versions of Windows requires winexe 1.1 due to changes in the way that Windows handles security. Ideally, your flavor of Linux already has 1.1 available, though it can be compiled from source using the appropriate compilers and cross compilers. Note that the server side scripts have been updated (in a minor way) to reflect the different command line options available in winexe 1.1, though these options should also work for winexe 1.0 and earlier. Also: 1.2 upgrades the installer, but on Windows 7, 2008, and earlier, there are no changes to the directory, and no need to upgrade. It won't hurt anything to do so, but the only net change will be an updated uninstaller. Source code is available on github.

Note: if your flavor of Linux is Gentoo, I've put together an ebuild for winexe 1.1 available here.

1.1 - Fix for rsyncd.secrets would not be created if installation directory didn't already exist

1.0 - Initial release

To install, simply run the installer. You will be prompted for a username and password to use for rsync, which can be anything -- note that this is not the same as the Windows user used for backups.

This is assumed to be "Administrator." If you'd like to use a different name, edit rsyncd.conf. Note that the Windows username and password gets specified on the server side in both the and scripts (BackupPC contains the rsync password.)

Server Scripts

ssh - SSH instead of winexe. Works, but probably needs some love

1.2 - Updated to move credentials into auth.file to reflect winexe 1.1 syntax (see auth.file.sample.)

1.1 - Fix for $xferOK, winexe hangs, and authentication moved to

1.0 - Initial release

To install, extract to a directory -- you will need to set the Windows username (Administrator recommended), password, workgroup, and the wake on lan directory. Note that this must be writeable by the wakeonlan user.

You will need winexe and wakeonlan programs available; the scripts may be edited if they are not in /usr/bin/.

In BackupPC:

For comments, suggestions, questions, or other types of support, feel free to email me here.